As you can imagine, I’m not much for “moral victories” because the term is synonymous with “losing;” however, I consider the fact that the common sense Blunt Amendment only lost by a few votes to be encouraging since it’s an indication that even some liberals can vote in the right direction some of the time.

I say common sense because the amendment would have allowed companies to not provide contraceptive insurance coverage–or any other type of coverage–that is morally objectionable to the company. In other words, it would have allowed companies to make decisions based on their own religious preferences, not on what is best for the country as a whole, which seems fair to me for two reasons:

  • Jesus would have liked it
  • The Pope likes it.

What more would I need to say?

All men panel on Women's health

Perhaps just as important, however, is that the Blunt Amendment would reinforce some of the principles that have made this country great, much of what is symbolized in the picture of a panel discussing women’s rights above.

  • Men decide what’s best for women.
  • Men decide what’s best for men.
  • Women accept what men decide is best for them.
  • The Pope decides what’s best for all of us when it comes to matters of sexuality and health care.
  • Sex is something that we shouldn’t talk about and pretend doesn’t happen in circumstances that we don’t like.

Things would be much different if it were a women-only panel making decisions about women’s health–and I’d hate to live in a world like that.

I’m relieved that so-called moderate Democrats, such as Senator Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, stood up for the right of men to dictate what women get in life.


We all have those “I should have said [this] instead” moments, and our future President of the United States Rick Santorum just had one.

In the most recent (Arizona) Presidential debate (number 2,412 by my count), Santorum inadequately responded to Mitt Romney’s vile attack against him for supporting some outlandish liberal ideas of then-president and known liberal George W. Bush.

Santorum’s staff took a couple of days and came back with a great response, given by e-mail:

Mitt Romney has criticized me for taking one for the Republican team and we all know why, because Mitt Romney’s teammates are all Democrats. It’s pretty clear what team Mitt Romney is on when he passed socialized medicine that included $50 dollar abortions–bragged about not lining up with the NRA–appointed liberal activist judges to the Massachusetts bench, and was hanging out at Planned Parenthood events celebrating the pro–choice agenda.

No wonder working with a Republican President’s team is foreign to Mitt Romney.

Take that, Mitt! You’re the evil liberal, not me!

Now, all we have to do is find a way to get the quick-thinking staff member to answer questions for Rick live, and we’ll soon get to say what we’ve all been dying to say, “Hello, President Santorum.”

Since it’s Friday, we’ll do something a little different. We’ll use a couple of pictures to illustrate:

Santorum and Romney in debate

This isn’t from the actual debate, but it’s what Santorum looked like when he was getting whiny and defensive after Romney’s baseless attack.

Santorum and Romney shaking handsThis is what it would have looked like had Santorum hit Romney with his witty comeback. Romney would have stopped the debate, congratulated Santorum on the impending nomination, and asked if Santorum was able to convince Pat Robertson to be his running mate.

I hear a lot of nonsense about how Rick Santorum is a hypocrite (another name for liberal if you ask me!) because his wife had an abortion when he thinks that abortions should not be allowed even in the case of rape or incest. Let me put that to rest right now since I am now a big Santorum supporter since his name is not Mitt “everyone deserves health care coverage” Romney.

If Karen Santorum had an abortion, something that not all people believe, it does not count since it provided a great real-life lesson for his family in three ways:

  1. He gave the dead fetus a name (Gabriel Michael)
  2. He took the dead fetus home to his children (talk about a home-school lesson)
  3. The family spent several hours cuddling, kissing, and singing to the dead fetus.

Does that sound like the actions of a murderer? No, it sounds like the actions of a family man with good family values.

I completely agree with allowing the Bishops of the Catholic Church to determine whether Americans should have access to birth control, but they are completely out of line when recommending that unemployment benefits should be extended. They’ve clearly overstepped their cloaks.

I understand that the liberals think that it’s important to reduce the overall cost of health care by reducing unwanted pregnancies and associated complications; however, these health experts can’t compare to a group of supposedly celibate old men in Rome when it comes to matters of a personal nature. Some have said that the Bishops stance of having no problem with Viagra being covered by insurance and not birth control is contradictory, but they’re wrong.

Viagra is needed because of a medical condition, and birth control would prevent some of God’s miraculous children from being born. In other words, there are no unwanted pregnancies. It almost brings a tear to my eye on to think about how many more perfect children could be running around on the earth right now if it weren’t for birth control.

We could all be like the Duggars.

duggar family

But back to the topic at hand: The overreaching of the Bishops when it comes to unemployment benefits.

What the Bishops don’t understand–probably because they spend an inordinate amount of their with hard-working prepubescent altar boys and choir boys–is that people who are on unemployment insurance are there for one reason and one reason only: They’re too lazy to get up off the couch and find a job. It has nothing to do with helping the least among us or being charitable to those in need. It’s just laziness.

The Bishops should mind their own business–this time.

I was very relieved to see that Senator Mitch McConnell is standing up for the most abused people in the country today–employers–when he vowed to fight the President Obama compromise on the birth control/ insurance debate.

From a religious standpoint, McConnell is, of course, right. It’s a shame that the government thinks that people should be able to make their own choices about family planning–that’s half of what God does. He sits up there in Heaven and points out who should have a successful sexual outcome (meaning between a man and woman!!!!) and is blessed with a child and who doesn’t.

Man has no business making those types of decisions for themselves.

But that religious debate aside, it only makes sense that employers should decide what types of coverage they’re comfortable in providing to employees across the board–sort of like the chef at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. If a chef doesn’t like to provide Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, whether it’s because it’s too expensive to make or because he doesn’t like the flavor, then he doesn’t have to put it in the bar.

It’s the same with health care–the employee is the boss, meaning that he gets to make the decisions.

If he doesn’t want to provide contraceptive insurance, he shouldn’t have to. If he doesn’t want to provide coverage for diabetes insurance because it’s too expensive or because he, himself, doesn’t have diabetes, then he shouldn’t have to put it in the insurance package.

Let’s face it: American employees are spoiled brats who expect a free lunch when it comes to health insurance–and it’s the poor employers who are left with the tab of an all-you-can-use health insurance bar.

It’s time that we get these health care costs under control, and the most logical way is by providing less coverage to more people.

The Pope says no to contraceptives, so as far as I’m concerned, even having condoms available in drug stores is a violation of the religious freedom of Christians everywhere. (I know, technically, it’s the Catholic faith, not Christians in general, who were being targeted by this ridiculous attack; however, since Catholics are Christians, it’s an attack on all Christians.)

I’m talking about this today, of course, because of the compromise related to the  health insurance companies paying for contraception controversy. But how do you compromise on a blatant attack against religious freedom? That’s like compromising on the Bible.

Liberals, of course, will make the assinine (I added the extra s since we’re talking about liberals) argument that just because contraceptives are being made available doesn’t mean that you have to use them, but they clearly don’t understand the whole concept of Christianity.

You see, Catholicism and Christianity are based on Adam and Eve–and temptation. Those two puritans of Christianity (they were Christians BEFORE Christ was even born–talk about devotion) could not pass up a tempting apple, so who thinks that Catholics are going to pass on free contraceptives? And with all of these free contraceptives floating around out there, there will eventually be fewer Catholics (and therefore, fewer Christians).

That’s the goal of the loony left–eliminate all Christians so that we can live in a godless world of equality for all.

By the way, if it weren’t for that damn apple, we’d still be waltzing around the warm Garden of Eden while wearing loin cloths. Tell me that doesn’t sound better than getting our shovels ready to push around another round of glo-bull warming that’s headed our way.

I should have known that such a common sense plan as changing the name of the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of America was too good to be true in today’s world, where liberals think the political system is their personal playground.

It turns out that it was another one of their satirical jokes, which is what the liberals say when they’re trying to make fun of we conservatives. If I’d have done a little more research, it would have been obvious that Representative Steve Holland was joking with this good idea–he’s a Democrat. That’s all you need to know.

I still think it’s a good idea, and I hate satire.

I’m depressed again, but I’m going to keep blogging. Maybe a re-run of Cops is on.

Just when I think that the liberals have run so far amok that we’ll never be able to get back to good, conservative values, a good story like this comes along: Mississippi Rep Wants the Gulf of Mexico Renamed ‘Gulf of America.”

gulf of america We let the Mexicans use it since it sort of touches their country, too, but what country is more important? That’s what the liberals call a rhetorical question since we all know the answer.

God bless America, and its Gulf!

By the way, we should probably look into renaming New Mexico as well.

A lot has been made by the liberal media of Representative John Fleming (Republican, Louisiana) falling for some fake article about an Abortionplex, thinking it was real.

Us conservatives don’t like satire because it’s too hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. In fact, I don’t even understand the concept of satire. Either something is funny, or it’s not. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

  • What’s funny is when you see one of them home video shows, and a guy sleds down a steep hill until he hits a tree or parked car. That’s funny!
  • What’s funny is when you turn on Cops (best show on tv), and the cop pulls over a guy who’s been drinking and driving while driving his tractor. That always cracks me up.
  • What’s funny is when a greedy contestant on Wheel of Fortune knows the answer but spins one last time to try to make more money and lands on “Bankrupt.” Then, the person next to him solves the puzzle with $250 in his pot. Ha!

What’s not funny is when you take a serious topic like abortion and turn it into a joke that seems so close to the truth that an innocent and hard-working man’s man of a congressman gets duped into thinking that it was a real article written by real liberals.

That’s what happened to poor John Fleming. The original article from some news outlet called “The Onion” is called Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex.

Even the title seems real. Planned Parenthood loves abortions, and liberals would be happy to give them $8 billion (all of which would come from hard-working Americans like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney)–who wouldn’t believe the article? I mean, by their own admission, Planned Parenthood spends 3% of their money on abortions–only 97% is spent on non-abortion related activity. They’re like the McDonald’s of abortions.

But here are a few other “fake” facts from the article:

  • The Abortionplex is located in Topeka, Kansas. That’s exactly where liberals would put an abortion factory because it would annoy the good conservatives of Kansas. They wouldn’t put it in New York City because it would fit right in and not make anyone mad.
  • Their motto is: No Life Is Sacred. Are you telling me that’s not the motto of the average liberal? I mean, geez, I guess they like the lives of minorities and poor, but they don’t think any other lives are sacred, especially Christians who they’re always at war with. Most of them wish Christmas came twice per year just so they could get mad twice.
  • Their goal is to do a million abortions per month. That sounds about right, which makes me wonder why liberals always want to give away birth control. It limits their abortion business.
  • Abortionplex includes movie theaters, bars, coffee shops, and night clubs. Liberals want return patients, so they want everyone to be comfortable–very comfortable, if you know what I mean.

The article is very close to being believable, which is why the liberals and their so-called humor isn’t funny. I could have been fooled, too, and none of my conservative friends ever accused me of being dumb.

The merciless and unfair treatment of the mainstream Republican presidential candidates by the liberal press has depressed me so much that I wasn’t able to blog for months, but I’ve got to get back in there and defend those who that represent the core values that have made America great.

When I saw that the whiny liberals (see–it’s like I never left!) upset that John Boehner was threatening to backtrack on the “deal” that settled the debt-ceiling debate months ago, I knew it was time since that’s the last thing I wrote about–how Boehner caved and only got 98% of what he wanted.

Well, he’s coming back for the other 2% (and the article, of course, had to try to poke fun of the fact that he’s sensitive and loving man–in a manly way, not a marry another guy way, by including a picture of him crying), and we should all be thankful that we have him on our side, especially since it’s becoming more and more clear that the liberal in sheep’s clothing, Mitt Romney, Mr. Healthcare for everyone, is going to win the nomination.

I’m still pulling for Newt Gingrich and his ingenious ideas like having middle school children (minority and poor children only need apply) be janitors in their own schools. I mean, geez, this is a great idea, reinforcing the notion that children should clean their own rooms. All parents say that, so why shouldn’t the schools pay children wages well below minimum wage to do that at school.

It’s a win-win situation, and for that, the media morons play this after radical.

No wonder I’m depressed.