The Pope says no to contraceptives, so as far as I’m concerned, even having condoms available in drug stores is a violation of the religious freedom of Christians everywhere. (I know, technically, it’s the Catholic faith, not Christians in general, who were being targeted by this ridiculous attack; however, since Catholics are Christians, it’s an attack on all Christians.)

I’m talking about this today, of course, because of the compromise related to theĀ  health insurance companies paying for contraception controversy. But how do you compromise on a blatant attack against religious freedom? That’s like compromising on the Bible.

Liberals, of course, will make the assinine (I added the extra s since we’re talking about liberals) argument that just because contraceptives are being made available doesn’t mean that you have to use them, but they clearly don’t understand the whole concept of Christianity.

You see, Catholicism and Christianity are based on Adam and Eve–and temptation. Those two puritans of Christianity (they were Christians BEFORE Christ was even born–talk about devotion) could not pass up a tempting apple, so who thinks that Catholics are going to pass on free contraceptives? And with all of these free contraceptives floating around out there, there will eventually be fewer Catholics (and therefore, fewer Christians).

That’s the goal of the loony left–eliminate all Christians so that we can live in a godless world of equality for all.

By the way, if it weren’t for that damn apple, we’d still be waltzing around the warm Garden of Eden while wearing loin cloths. Tell me that doesn’t sound better than getting our shovels ready to push around another round of glo-bull warming that’s headed our way.


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