Definition of Family

Posted: July 21, 2011 in family values
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It was a banner day for the liberals in terms of trying to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act in the Senate.

Senator/Comedian Al Franken Stuart Smalley pointed out that Tom Minnery was wrong by saying that children in families led by a husband and wife had better lives than children living in other stable situations (notice I didn’t say other families!).

The error was that the Department of Human Services study (referenced by Minnery) didn’t exclude non-traditional families, meaning that children with gay parents (I need to go back to school to study the “new” biology–things have changed since I was young) were included in the study.

Senator Smalley, of course, made it seems like Minnery deliberately misrepresented the information in order to make it seem as if children with non-traditional families had worse outcomes than children from our new-fashioned “families.”

I’m sure that Minnery, from the mainstream Focus on the Family CitizenLink organization, merely misinterpreted what he thought was obvious: a family is headed by a husband and a wife (notice I didn’t say a man and a woman since those who aren’t married aren’t families.)

I know that my conservative side is showing, but the perfect American family in a perfect world is as follows:

  • Husband
  • Wife (2 to 4 years younger than the husband to reinforce the man’s decision-making abilities)
  • Son
  • Daughter (1 to 3 years younger so that older brother can protect her once she becomes a teenager)
  • Optional: 2-4 additional children, equally split between male and female with at least one male figure to guide each younger female.
Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch

It’s like the Brady Bunch, except the mother and father would be parents of all the children–none of this merged family stuff that the liberal tv of the 1970s threw at us.


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