Whiny liberals have this annoying habit of appealing to the public’s soft side whenever any issue comes up–talking to the sick whose insurance was just lost or talking to an unemployed mother of three when she can’t afford food because of food stamp cuts.

Dems (and the poor–as if there’s a difference) aren’t the only ones negatively affected by political decisions, and I’m going to share an open letter to Representative Boehner from a devout reader of this blog.

Mr. Thirston J. Worthingon, III, is a devoted reader of the blog and is very concerned about what closing the tax loopholes related to private jets might mean to him.

Representative Boehner:

When I supported your reelection campaign and subsequent election as the speaker of the house, I did so with the understanding that you would continue to support the interests of those who supported you–strict conservatives who believe in the constant lowering of the tax burden, not ideological liberals with a socialist plot to redistribute wealth from the top to the bottom.

Closing the tax loophole on private jets would be a personal hardship for me. In fact, if I had to pay my share of taxes, in addition to the rising cost of fuel (my burns roughly 400 gallons of fuel per hour) and expenses related to storage, maintenance, and flying my Gulfstream 550, I might have to give up my plane altogether.

It’s entirely possible that I would have to go back to my embarrassing former lifestyle (back in the Clinton era) when I could only afford to rent a private jet each time I needed one. On occasion, I would be forced to travel in an 8-person model rather than the 15-person jet that I prefer, or the carpet would be stained with red wine, or my preferred chauffeur pilot might not be available.

Needless to say, I don’t want to go back to those days.

In addition, closing the tax loophole would have a trickle-down effect. My full-time pilot would need to look for work elsewhere, as would my six-person plane maintenance staff, including Pablo (who has been with the family for 20 years and is hoping to apply for legal status soon). Pablo’s large family, many of whom are still in Mexico, depends on my generous cash (also tax free) gifts, especially around the holidays.

I believe that other private jet owners are in a similar situation, and forcing private jet owners to pay their taxes would likely mean a severe reduction in the private jet industry as a whole. Think of the loss of money to oil companies alone if private jet usage was limited.

With all of these things in mind, I do hope that you take the necessary steps to protect my rights as a rich American, even if that means a temporary inability for the U.S. government to pay its bills.


Mr. Worthington, III


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