National Football League or Socialist Football League?

Posted: July 5, 2011 in government handouts, politics
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The NFL is no NASCAR (as any conservative will tell you), but I’ve always enjoyed the NFL–but as the NFL becomes more like the SFL (Socialist Football League), I think that might be about to change.

Apparently, the owners and players are approaching an end to their several-week lockout, and the solution is  based on pure, unadulterated socialism. It looks like NFL owners are reading out of the Karl Marx playbook.

The agreement will be all about sharing the multi-billion-dollar wealth in the NFL coffers–sharing it with the players union (Where are Ronald Reagan and his union-busting friends when you need them?) and, worse, with other teams!!!!!!!

stock image of football player being tackled

stock image of football player being tackled

The wealth should belong to the owners who collect it exclusively, to be done with as they please. And it should be tax free as an incentive to spend it, thereby creating more jobs

Yes, the owners will have to pay the players, but once the union is broken, they could be paid less. They will also have to pay for expenses related to running the teams–although the cities and states should have to build massive, expensive venues for them.

The point is that if the owners share the wealth, then they’re sharing in socialism.

The stated reason for sharing the wealth is for the overall benefit of the league, to ensure that all teams can remain competitive and continue to field teams. In other words, the less competitive teams want welfare, and for some reason, the rich teams participate willingly.

I say that the socialism should stop–and the success of teams should depend on the individual owner’s ability to make money.

Let’s take the San Francisco 49’ers as an example.

They were a dominant team in the 1980s, and it resulted in high profits. They’ve fallen on hard times since, and if it weren’t for league-sponsored socialism, the team would have disbanded by now. That’s how it should be.

If we end up with a league with just the Cowboys (who always make money), the Steelers (who win often enough to stay competitive), along with teams in some of the larger market teams who always make money and no one else, then, that’s the way it is.

So what if Green Bay has a couple of bad years and loses its franchise. That’s life in a capitalistic society. We shouldn’t protect individual teams just to protect the league as a whole.

I say shut down the NFL before it becomes the SFL.


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