This post is going to be a rarity, one in which I give the Dumbocrats Democrats credit for something: passing a gay marriage bill in New York.

To understand what I’m talking about, you have to understand what a “states’ rights” issue usually is. It’s when an idea that doesn’t have enough support to become national law is tossed down to the state level in order to get a foothold–and Republicans are masters of this technique.

Immigration is a good example. A restrictive policy that includes racial profiling and severe penalties for illegal immigrants has little support nationally, so we want it to be a state’s rights issue so that good conservative states like Arizona can do whatever they want. Makes sense to me because I believe in stopping illegal immigration.

It’s the same with abortion. It makes sense that there be one law throughout the entire nation for such an important matter, but since us conservatives can’t get what we want nationally, we want to turn it into a states’s rights issue.

Hell, if we could turn federal taxes into a states’s rights issue, we would. I bet Texas would eliminate federal taxes in about 25 minutes.

Well, give the Dems credit on getting gay marriage passed at the state level in a huge state like New York. It’s completely illogical that we would have different marriage rules in different states–does a gay couple married in New York remain married if they move to Mississippi? It shouldn’t be a states’ rights issue, but they have taken advantage of it being one.

I’m against gay marriage, of course–but for no other reason than because I have to be. Conservatives stick together, so I have to be against this, too. Personally, I wouldn’t care if a man wanted to marry his life-sized teddy bear. What difference would it make to me, unless they forced me into some sort of weird French Massage a Twa?

But give the Dumbs Dems credit on this one. They got another foothold on gay rights–and I predict that it will remain a states’ rights issue until it gets to the Supreme Court, who will make it a national issue by a 5-4 vote. Chief Justice John Roberts won’t let us down.


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