Future President Herman Cain?

Posted: June 14, 2011 in debt, government handouts, liberal media
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Note: I’m not Democratic slacker, so I don’t watch liberal tv all day. That’s why I haven’t watched and blogged about the Republican debate yet. I still will, though; I’ll do a live blog when I watch it on Youtube.

Now, on to today’s topic: Herman Cain.

As you know, this blog believes that Cain is a strong presidential candidate, but I have my serious doubts that his common sense approach to governing will get through the vetting of the liberal media. A recent article (You Should Know: Five Facts about Herman Cain) twists his mainstream beliefs into some sort of radical agenda.

Here are the facts they highlighted as radical:

  • Cain oversaw the firing of thousands of workers while on the Board of Directors at Whirpool.
    I’m tired of hearing Republicans being labeled as being heartless when they’re just being good men of business. I’m sure that it was a problem with a liberal union or something.
  • Cain supports the Paul Ryan budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it.
    I’ve talked about this before, but this is part of Cain’s job-creating plan (replacing the Whirlpool jobs): An entire new industry will need to be developed in order to help the elderly shop for insurance with their vouchers.
  • Herman Cain wants to repeal and replace health care reform despite the fact that it would increase the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.
    Liberals just don’t get it. If we lower taxes more, the deficit will completely disappear. All financial problems are about taxes being too high. If there’s inflation, lower taxes. If there’s a recession, lower taxes. If there’s a job crisis, lower taxes. If there’s a problem with too little money, lower taxes. If we have a war, lower taxes. If we have too little money, lower taxes. If bridges collapse, lower taxes. If schools need more books, lower taxes.
  • Herman Cain opposes raising the debt ceiling, and says we should pay Chinese creditors first before issuing seniors their Social Security and Medicare benefits.
    This makes so much sense that it stands on its own without my commentary needed.
  • Herman Cain supports implementing the “fair tax” for everyone, which would hit middle-class families hard.
    Cain is a business man, so he believes in no taxes, but until we cut enough government handouts to get to a zero percentage, a fair tax is reasonable alternative. This is clearly a liberal attack since the very name of the tax shows how fair it is.

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