The American Way: It’s All About Winning

Posted: June 12, 2011 in politics, whiny liberals
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Many liberals like to whine about how the Republicans are trying to beat the system by talking about running “fake democrats” in the Wisconsin recall elections, but that’s because they don’t believe in the American way.

Sure, it might seem unfair to try to get non-Democrats to run in order to confuse Democratic voters into splitting their votes, giving the incumbent Republicans an unfair advantage; however, that’s the American way. We like to say that “it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game,” but that hasn’t been the case for generations. Professional sports figures often cheat to win and are often immortalized, and businesses try to cheat the system in order to beat the competition or not pay taxes. Those companies are rewarded with higher profits.

Even as individuals, we often take unfair advantage when presented to us in order to win. If you find $20 on the work floor, how hard to you try to find the person to whom it belongs? If you’re playing a not-so-friendly racquetball game (conservatives play racquetball or handball, not wimpy games like soccer or ultimate frisbee–only hippies play frisbee), and your opponent makes a call in your favor or gives you a point or two by making a score-keeping mistake, do you give it back? Or are you just happy to have one in the W column?

Let me save you testing your own conscience. Most Americans are more about winning than how the game is, and the conservatives are smart enough to do the same thing.

Leave it to the whiny liberals to not be the same way (Wis. Dems Won’t Run Fake GOP Candidates). They probably think that fighting should be banned from ice hockey and that ties in soccer are good because no one has to be ashamed of losing.

Well, I’m proud to win, and I don’t care how it happens. Go Wisconsin Republicans (and fake Wisconsin Dumbocrats).


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