Herman Cain Proposes Logical Three-Page Limit to Legislation

Posted: June 10, 2011 in liberal media, politics
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The liberal media is at it again!

Herman Cain, the slightly right of center former pizza-man turned presidential candidate, is being attacked by the liberal crazies for his common-sense solution to a major Washington problem.

Look at this headline, for example, Herman Cain Would Impose Bizarre Three-Page Limit on Legislation. That says it all, deliberately trying to influence readers.

What’s “bizarre” about limiting bills to just three pages? What’s bizarre is long bills, full of details and minutia about how a program will work. Politicians don’t have time to read hundreds of pages related to bills. My philosophy: MISS.

Make. It. Simple. Stupid.

The example that the loony liberals (I didn’t want to say whiny liberals because some people have said that I use the term too much) is bills of the past that would not have been possible with a three-page limit, including The Civil Rights Act, Social Security, and Patriot Act.

Here’s a look at how these could have been simplified to a couple of lines, one by one:

  • Civil Rights Act: Treat all races and both sexes equally in terms of hiring, firing, promotions, and etc.  Note: This does not apply to homosexuals, at least in terms of marriage and the benefits associated with civil unions, but I guess we have to let them vote since we might not know who they are.
  • Social Security: Hard-working Americans will have a large portion of their salary taken from paychecks so that people who are old and lazy can live off of the government.
  • Patriot Act: President Bush (and I guess every president afterward) shall have unlimited power to do whatever he would like in terms of search, seizure, and wire tapping any American as long as he says that it’s to protect the country from evil-doers.

Fine, I’m exaggerating a little (not about the gays), but you get the point: it’s logical, not bizarre–and Herman Cain should be applauded for his common sense, not criticized as some sort of fringe candidate.

God bless America–and Herman Cain.


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