Mainstream Press Now Piles on Sarah Palin

Posted: June 6, 2011 in liberal media, politics
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If it weren’t bad enough that the liberal press has been attacking Sarah Palin, now the bastion of the mainstream press, Fox News, is also piling on.

They (Fox News) recently showed an image of Tina Fey while talking about Sarah Palin, prompting some to theorize that Fox is trying to force Palin to resign.

Fox News Palin/Fey mix up

Fox News Palin/Fey mix up

That concept is ridiculous, of course. Why would they want to get rid of the intellectual giant of the right, especially when the liberal press already forced them to remove another intellectual giant, Glenn Beck, from the air?

By the way, I was right when I said that Sarah was correct with her little story about Paul Revere. While uninformed people like historians have slammed her for the inaccuracy of her statement about Revere warning the British about our right to bear arms (or something like that), Palin acknowledged that she was correct in an interview with Fox. She also told it like it was about the press–it was another “gotcha question.”

And Fox News responded to this brilliant historian and “tell it like it is” media watchdog by confusing her with Tin Fey?

I hope that Fox News isn’t starting to move from the center to the left.


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