Liberal Media Slams Brilliant Sarah Palin

Posted: June 4, 2011 in liberal media, politics
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Sometimes, it’s difficult to be the smartest person in the room because you’re so far ahead of everyone else that they mistakenly think that you’re the one who’s behind.

Sarah Palin knows this more than anyone else, and that’s exemplified by the latest liberal media attack on her this week, including the liberal stalwart the Christian Science Monitor.

During her “One Nation” bus tour, which should be called “Gun Nation” because of her stance on the second amendment, she talked about Paul Revere’s famous ride. She didn’t get all of the historical details right, but that’s because she’s smarter than any one else.

She said that Paul Revere was warning the British, not the Americans, that we weren’t ready to give up on guns or our security. (I don’t remember the exact words–it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the brilliant.)

It might have sounded like a mistake, but what she was trying to say is that if Paul Revere had warned the British of our determination to get our own freedom and that we were going to interpret a future amendment to a future constitution to mean that everyone could have any type of gun at any time and any situation that they (the British) would have granted us our freedom without a fight.

Wouldn’t you?

She’s so full of all of these brilliant thoughts that her mind is not able to recall what the rest of us might consider simple things, like what newspapers we read.

Poor, misunderstood Sarah must understand how it felt to be Albert Einstein.


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