How I feel about crime can be summed up in three words and one parenthetical phrase:  Build more jails (but not in my neighborhood).

Crime is running rampant across the United States, and the only solution is to toss more people in the slammer. This whole rehabilitation thing that liberals support is just plain nuts. Hard time is the only way to help someone.

Takes this case as an example. The cops in Idaho correctly cited a 10-year-old for not wearing his seat belt properly, and all of the whiny liberals and the liberal media think the case should be dismissed. Apparently, the kid had the seat belt on, but it wasn’t on correctly. So, the cop gave him a ticket.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not without compassion. I believe in second chances. I wouldn’t put him in juvenile detention until the second offense, but you’ve got to start somewhere; otherwise, he might end up like this guy in a few years.

(I tried to embed the video, but the code wouldn’t work.)

I first thought that this guy might be a conservative since he likes beer and not some vintage California wine, but since he couldn’t keep his pants up, I knew he had to be a liberal. Conservatives believe in belts.

Regardless, I don’t believe in tailoring the punishment to a person’s political affiliation (usually), but I know that we’ve got to be tough on crime when they’re 10 to keep them from becoming like this when they’re older.

It’s what I call family values.


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