Liberal Media Blasts Governor Christie for Being a Good Father

Posted: June 2, 2011 in family values, liberal media, politics
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The liberal media is at it again, this time targeting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for using state funds in the form of a helicopter ride and limousine ride in order to be a good father.

They’re calling it hypocrisy, but it’s not. Hypocrisy is when you say one thing, but do another.

He’s a good conservative, and conservatives believe that a person should be able to take advantage of the blessings that God has given him regardless of what someone else may or may not have. Since he’s the governor, that means helicopters and limousine rides to a child’s sporting events.

That’s completely consistent with his beliefs; if you’ve got it, use it. That doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t have to deal with budget cuts (like teachers who work 9 months per year and think they’re doing something worthwhile for society). He’s the governor, which is sort of like being the king of a nation.

What would they suggest he do? Should he be a like a deadbeat liberal father who is so concerned about global warming (and don’t get me started on that topic) that he takes mass transportation to the field? Have you ever seen the traffic in New Jersey?

He wanted to be there for his son, and I salute him for his family values.


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