I think that you can learn as much from those who you disagree with as those who you revere, which is why I sometimes read subversive sites like Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo, and a recent “Kos” blog gives great insight as to why the Debt Ceiling vote is a win-win for Republicans.

They, of course, do it in a whiny liberal way, but I can explain it in a common sense, conservative way:


Republicans, especially the dynamic Representative John Boehner (pronounced Baner, not the tasteless name that some Dumbocrats like to use), want to use the upcoming debt ceiling vote as leverage to get spending cuts.

For the record, the debt ceiling has been raised every single year for decades (I believe), and the vote has never had any strings attached in the past because of the importance of the vote. Leave it to this bright Republican group to change all of that!

Failing to raise the debt ceiling means that the U.S. government could default on its bills to other countries, sending the national economy (and global economy as a domino effect) into a disastrous tailspin, including (but not limited to) a potentially unmatched stock market crash (including the loss of personal income and retirement funds for nearly all Americans) and destroying the country”s credit in the future.

That might sound scary, but what game of chicken doesn’t? And the victor, no matter what, will be the Republican party.

Budget Cuts

One of the big advantages that us conservatives have is that Democrats are big, whiny wimps.

As the Republican leaders pressure the Democrats for budget cuts to social programs like Medicare and Social Security, Democrats will yield more quickly than a 99-year-old bicyclist on the Daytona 500 track.

Why? Because they’re afraid of economic disasters.

This will be a clear win for us. Cuts will be made in popular programs (something that the liberal media has convinced most think Americans is a dumb idea), and it will be a bi-partisan effort. Democrats will share the blame for cutting something they support!

Nice job, Johnny!!

Global Economic Disaster

The other possibility is that the Democrats don’t fold and the entire global economy suffers a horrific blow, effectively leaving the U.S. in a rubble of economic despair.

Of course, this will happen during President Obama’s term, and whoever the conservative nominee is (Can you say Herman Cain?) will rise out of the rubble to become president of the United States. It will be like a John Wayne movie.

The conservative would be president during a time without any financial resources, setting the stage for more cuts in social programs.

God Bless America!!!! Either way, us conservatives are the winners!


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