Dumbocrat Food Stamp Policy: More Socialism

Posted: June 1, 2011 in government handouts, obama, politics
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This article (Congress Mulls Cuts to Food Stamps Program Amid Record Number of Recipients) highlights the mistaken philosophy of the Democrats (Dumbocrats if you ask me) when it comes to finances.

The article points out that Republicans want to cut the food stamp program while the president’s budget wants to increase the amount of money spent on the food stamp program.

Increase the food stamp program? Can you say socialism?

If you give those people money (which is what a food stamp is), they’re going to immediately put that money in the hands of local grocery stores. All it will do is provide a family in desperate need with food and give local businesses (and the companies who provide the businesses with the food products, such as food manufacturers and farmers) money during difficult financial times. In other words, the money won’t “create” anything.

That sounds like a government handout to me.

If, instead, you give another tax cut to the rich, like conservatives would like to do, then the money will go straight toward creating jobs. It’s not a direct process since some of the money will be added to existing profit or buried in tax-free shelters, but some of it will be invested into the economy. A significant portion of that will be the global economy, not the national or local economy, but a little of it might eventually end up creating a job in the neighborhood where the food stamp recipient lives. Then, one person wouldn’t need food stamps.

That sounds like Reaganomics 101. Sign me up for that class.


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