Support Republican Governors–Before It’s Too Late

Posted: May 31, 2011 in liberal media, politics
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The liberal media is once again wreaking havoc on the common sense agenda of the modern conservative, so my suggestion is: Those in states where a gubernatorial race is upcoming should support your Republican candidate before it’s too late.

Republican governors in Wisconsin (Scott Walker), Florida (Rick Scott), Ohio (John Kasich), Michigan (Rick Snyder), and Pennsylvania (Tom Corbett) are now unpopular, and it’s all thanks to the press.

Sure, the press is going to make it sound as if their lack of popularity is related to their policies, but here is what these level-headed statesmen stand for, and their policies are not the problem:

  • Tax cuts for the wealthy
    This makes sense since all taxes are evil and too high.
  • Illegal passage of state laws
    All’s fair in love and politics–as long as the laws favor my side.
  • Breaking up unions
    Why didn’t they get rid of minimum wage and injury compensation, too?
  • Tougher voting regulations, which would affect the poor and minorities most
    They should also do redistricting to get more republican districts.
  • Cuts for higher education
    No money, fewer opportunities; that’s called life.
  • Cuts for local school districts
    You probably couldn’t have afforded college anyway.
  • Easing of regulation for dangerous natural gas drilling processes
    National energy is more important than whether local water supplies become flammable.
  •  Unilateral financial take-overs of cities and municipalities
    What took so long?
  • Threatening to use the National Guard against legally gathered protestors
    The protesters were instigated by the liberal media.
  • Refusal to accept federal money for necessary state infrastructure projects
    It’s better to have collapsing bridges and buildings than take “Democrat” money.
  • Support of national Republican agenda to turn Medicare into a privatized voucher system
    It’s called “job creation.” A whole team of people would be needed to help seniors shop for insurance.

If it weren’t for the liberal press, we might be able to have this and a whole lot more.


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