MSNBC Memorial Day Marathon–Best Thing about Memorial Day

Posted: May 30, 2011 in debt, politics, whiny liberals
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If you ask me, the best thing about Memorial Day (and other holidays) is that MSNBC takes a day off from its non-stop propagation of left-wing paranoid programming and replaces it with much more reasonable programming.

Shows like “Lock Up” and “Caught on Camera” are great shows since they show the ramifications of a liberal lifestyle. Those shows aren’t as good as “Cops” since that show is really tough on crime, but for a liberal network, they’re not bad shows.

Meanwhile, Fox News Channel is smart enough to continue talking about the important news of the day with its weekend hosts, who aren’t as good as bringing unbiased news to us as the weekday hosts. Still, they continue to keep the fair and balanced experts talking all day.

In fact, right now, mainstream Rich Lowry of the non-partisan media outlet National Review is on. He makes a good point how us conservatives should not give in on voting for the debt ceiling until we get budget cuts for social programs even though the debt ceiling has never been used as a political bargaining chip in the history of the United States.

That’s what we should be talking about on Memorial Day–setting a new precedent about getting what we want regardless of what those whiny liberals and national and international economists think, while the opposition sleeps.


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