Liberals Must Hate Memorial Day

Posted: May 29, 2011 in obama, politics, whiny liberals
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Memorial Day represents freedom, patriotism, and supporting the troops.

In other words, liberals must hate that day because they hate all of those things.

All the whiny liberals do is talk about how we shouldn’t be in Iraq because they think there was no threat to the U.S. and how we should bring home the troops now that the Bush-era policy changes led to the killing of bin Laden. I’m not saying that Obama doesn’t deserve some credit, but if you listen to the media reports, you’d think that Obama–and not Bush–was responsible for getting bin Laden.

Ridiculous. Bush just gets credit for the bad things.

Us conservatives know that we needed to stop Hussein before the mushroom cloud was over the U.S., and we think we should stay in Afghanistan until all of the terrorists are gone. I mean, that can’t take that much longer, right? It’s only been 10 years. These things take time.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

  1. northstar25 says:

    I’d say its a broad stretch to say liberals hate America, or even memorial day. I am pretty liberal and I love all the above. But I think that part of loving one’s country, or anything for that matter is having the self-control and self power to at times criticize it. America is a good country, I love living here. I’ve lived abroad, but America is my home, and in the future it may be, but I know we are not perfect. We’ve done some very shady things abroad that we should admit to, its part of being adults.
    Bush? Well, I have my own opinions of the man, and the odd thing is that in time history will tell his story- after we’ve moved further from the Bush administration we will be able to see how he really affected history. Maybe he will become a loved president, maybe not. People hated JFK when he was president, then he got a halo over his head after he was assasinated. Who knows how we will picture Bush later in life.

  2. fjpoblam says:

    Many liberals love and revere Memorial Day. It represents freedom bought and paid for. We do not forget. But also remember, the words of Mark Twain (a liberal): “The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them.”

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