In Defense of Senator Mitch McConnell

Posted: May 28, 2011 in debt, government handouts, politics
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Sometimes it seems as if Senator Mitch McConnell is the only sane one left.

McConnell said yesterday that he’d refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless the Democrats accept cuts to Medicare in the next round of budget talks.

That makes sense to me. The government handouts are killing this country, so cut them and we won’t have to raise the debt ceiling the next time. We could lower it, like a drop ceiling in a basement.

What is the liberal media’s response to McConnell’s common sense plan–to heap praise on him? No, of course not.

They say that he’s out to get senior citizens. I doubt that’s the case–McConnell practically looks like a senior citizen himself, and he doesn’t look all that healthy. He’s not going to cut his own health insurance. That’s all a liberal lie. Medicare would be better if a big company ran it.

I’ve also heard liberal loudmouths and Washington insider economists say that the global economy is at risk if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

My neighbor across the street is bankrupt, just like the United States. Do you think that he could raise his debt ceiling? No, he had to declare bankruptcy and then everything was fine. Some judge told him he didn’t have to pay anyone anything.

The U.S. should do that–kind of like a do over. Other countries would be fine with that.

God Bless America!


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